Folslia: Lord Zayne Belvin

Temperamental Fool or Irrational Savior?


To unite Folsland under his rule
To ensure Folsland becomes a prosperous nation which all others envy
To maintain control over the Tieflings (Not necessarily a believer in slavery, has hinted at abolishing the laws around Tiefling slavery)
To rebuild relations with Orcs
To welcome embassies from other nations
To retake the desert from crime lords
To enforce safety upon all trade routes


Raised in the only noble family to survive the Second Age, most viewed Zayne Belvin’s rise to power as inevitable. The Belvins guard their family history, trades and deals quite securely. The uneducated peasants in the Eastern half of Folsland have accepted him as their leader, for better or worse. The West, while not actively resisting him, do not recognize him as the Lord of the Land

Many believed that a young leader in a disconnected country run by marshals, mayors and the rich would never gain the popular support. But Belvin’s roaming militias, economic stimulation and general “Folsland Security” has encouraged many every day citizens to rest easily, knowing that what used to be a lawless land is more or less being cleaned up.

Though many still question his motives behind moving the wealthiest and most important citizens from various cities to Folslia. Some going as far as to call the marshals and mayors puppets.

In the three short years since Belvin assembled his militias and armies, Folsland’s ports have become trade hubs with other countries and regions of the known world. The amount of bandit raids reported have dropped substantially in the corridor between Palat and Farncombe, with Triumvant becoming a secure fortress in the north. All while Baul Tuun was restored to glory as a base of operations for excursions to the East.

Lord Belvin has shown The Master’s Pupils his ability to jump to irrational decisions out of fear, anger and hatred. Although most would agree they had earned this reaction.

Folslia: Lord Zayne Belvin

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