Norros Valorsong

The Jestful Traveler


Personality Trait: Non-chalant, slight racism against gnomes,
Ideals: Knowledge of lore and legends


Norros Strongwind is the youngest child of the Strongwind family, a noble family from Theed. Their many political ties allow them great opportunities for treaties and furthering their own agendas. Once Norros discovered that he would have no chance of ascending to the throne he turned his studies to something he has always loved, music. One night while pouring over his history books he started to notice some odd similiarities between these historical accounts and his favorite childhood book The Tome of Tall Tales. After expressing his desire to set out into the world to his parents, they condemned him as a naive fool, claiming they were naught but stories for children. So in the dead of night he left with only what he could carry, leaving behind the comfort of home, family, and his bloodname, and adopted his new name, Valorsong.

Norros Valorsong

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