Party 1 Notes

Found in Balthazar's Tower

Sylva We are grateful to hear that you took our most lucrative offer. Balthazar's Tower is very important to our plans, we did not want to take it by force. We will call upon you occasionally. You will be well compensated if you and your raiders can maintain the Tower while ensuring no-one else enters. Please use the Obsidian stone provided if you need our assistance. We have agents throughout the region who can respond within 24 hours. This tower's security is vital to our success. Failure will not be tolerated. (The Emblem of the Pact of the Lich sits at the bottom of the page)

Bounty on the bandits on the way to Baul Tuun

All able and willing bodied people! Any fully intact body dropped off in the basement of The Last Glimpse of Sunlight Inn will be rewarded with 100gp. Deliver at your own risk. Not all guards are on the right path. Some may detain you for further questioning as they have not seen the glory in our ways.

Party 1 Notes

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